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Chief Adomeh

Chief Adomeh is the head Chief of the village and is living a life he never planned for himself. His original dreams were in Education, with his eye on an eventual Principal position, but when he was fingered as next in line to the throne, his life changed.

He tried to ignore the appointment, declaring himself a modernist who didn’t believe in such things but was spooked by warnings of misfortune lying in wait for people who tried to defy their destiny. Even then, his ascension to the throne was conditional, as he refused to partake in some of the more fetish rituals that were meant to accompany his coronation. When his son went missing, and then his wife passed away not long after, he needed some kind of an explanation and began to believe in the dire predictions. He blamed himself. If he had just complied from the start, he would not have lost his first son and wife.

Since then, he has become almost entirely dependent on Mausi before he makes any major decision as he cannot bear any more loss of a similar magnitude. 

He feels imprisoned by his throne and duty and his other two wives and surviving children have all been sent away from Aji to live.

Played By – Akin Lewis

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